Our coaches have a wide range of skills, behavioural techniques and methodologies that will help you improve your performance and effectiveness within your organisation.
Our aim is to get you to the next level of performance.

Each of our programmes is bespoke and aims at:

keeping you on the fast track
onboarding- supporting your first six months in the new post
making your mark in the organisation
maximising efficiency
Handling new roles and responsibilities, preparing you for the big promotion, moving up to the next level
High impact performance
Relocation and transitions
Taking the reigns in a foreign culture


Being at the top of your game presents challenges–you are expected to deliver consistently, in very competitve environments. You are ‘pulled’ in many directions. Our senior managament coaches offer targeted programmes to support high-flyers establish themselves as truly impressive leaders, meeting their goals and working on their legacy within the organisation. Doing it better, consistently is what we help you achieve.

Our programmes include coaching for:

  • Enhanced influencing skills
  • Leadership challenges and dilemmas
  • Crisis management
  • Staying ahead of the fray
  • Vision and legacy
  • Confidence in your presence, resilience, and widening your field of vision


Maximising Team Effectiveness

What makes a great team truly outstanding? What does it take to enable to a gold performance? How do you get the best out of remote or ‘virtual’ teams? The best performing teams have a ‘special’ ingredient that needs nurture. Our team coaching helps identify what can drive your team to gold.

We offer support with:

  • Creating positive and effective team dynamics
  • Engaging and motivating the team
  • Managing virtual teams
  • Team building and facilitation
  • Conflict management and productive conversations

Now shall we do it?

Away-days to think about strategy and how to build success and delivery within the organisation create huge impetus–but how can you make the best out of the time and manage the energy in the aftermath? Our coaches are trained to facilitate and make the most of those rare days when strategy can be discussed and objectives and vision for your business set in meaningful ways.


Communication Programmes

Communicating effectively is a key skill in a job like yours.  Our strong ties to financial, institutional and corporate communication over decades gives us the ability to help you bolster your presence and maximise your impact with others.  It’s not just about learning tips and techniques, it’s about coaching you to make an impact. 

Our programmes cover:

Confident public speaking
Presenting with impact – the Power of Presence
Preparing for your IPO and institutional communication across borders
Professional presence: getting into the C-suite
Overcoming a deadlock

Board and C-Suite Effectiveness Assessment

Have you got the right assessment of your managers, your teams?  Is your Board or your Executive Committee as effective as it could be?  Our coaches support the coaching intervention with highly confidential fact finds, reports, observations of the dynamics as well as punctual questionnaires and assessment if this supports our clients objectives.  We have developed our own, bespoke assessment methodology based on our decades of experience with the C-Suite and Boardroom.  Our toolkit also includes 360s (licenced facilitator of the Leadership Circle), MBTI Stages 1 and 2, FIRO-B (for teams), questionnaires, Team Coaching International Assessment (TCI licenced Facilitator), SCOAP, Gamechanger Index, the OCAI cultural assessment. We approach these assignments as coaches, which means we don’t just report and make recommendations, we also facilitate the conversation at Board or Executive level.

Coach Supervision and Mentoring

Good mentoring provides fast-track learning and Supervision is essential today in most practices, in a world where coaches experience pressures and ethical dilemmas from their clients.  Our supervisors and mentors support, share their experience and generate challenging thinking for individuals who want to further their skills and influence.

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