Jo shares some impressions on her trip to the cradle of civilisation


I have always wanted to visit the sites in the birthplace of civilisation so when the opportunity arose to join a cultural trip to Iran I jumped at it.

I was met with such kindness, general interest and optimism for the future. These are people who love to talk, discuss and learn and want to show you their country. They are business people, academics and entrepreneurs. Women may have to wear the veil but this doesn’t stop them from completing the highest levels of studies either at home in Iran or abroad alongside the men.  I met women architects, engineers, planning specialists and teachers.  The society is dynamic and doing its best to move forward whilst observing the constraints of a religious society. They have creative ‘workarounds’ to make things work.  Iran is still a male dominated society.  When women marry their husbands guarantee them a financial safety net as part of the marriage contract – nowadays however, many women choose to forego the financial safety and instead demand the right to study and work as a condition of marriage. Go and visit and see for yourselves!



women’s mosque in Isfahan – arguably the most beautiful mosque in the world


women in Isfahan


cafe society


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